cold february, warm japanese

that “chotto furui” AC keeps blowing its not-so-warm air filling in the space of my room, though sometimes it stops and suddenly it works again with no reason, leaves me here in coldness, and keeps rolling my electricity meter,… sigh.. huh… it’s gonna be “mo ichi mang” for the freezing cold i don’t deserve… i grumble myself…. well ok.. that’s not the point… don’t care with that… somehow… there is an aching emptiness inside… i can feel it… i need something that i cannot buy… have no choice but to leave the apartment A.S.A.P,… not that i think what i have here is nothing…

once i was riding bike in hurry, .. the road is so narrow, while a 4 (or 5) years japanese girl suddenly appeared in front of my rushing bike.. Oh.. God !!!!… i shrieked…. fortunately i was able to pull the break… then was about to apologize, .. coz.. obviously it was my fault… but the girl immediately says “sumimasen” and bows down her body for the mistake she’d never made, .. then her eyes keep looking at me,.. waiting for my answer…

this amazed me,… a cold, icy, & snowy japan with warm, friendly-politeness young japanese girl… so are all japanese people .. i suppose… what a combination… cold february is no longer cold


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