keisatsu no sumimasen desu

three policemen stopped me when budi & i just crossed the road on the way to nokodai… konnichiwa.. watashitachi wa keisatsu desu… oh God.. please.. no more annoying police… sumimasen.. watashi no nihon go wa chotto… i replied him loudly.. but he smiled.. daijyobu desu… then asking me to show my ID card, bike registration, and everything… what am i a criminal?.. i shouted .. ima boku wa oinori o sitain desu kedo… hayaku site kudasai… that policeman just kept smiling.. then asking me to wait for a sec.. he called his friend & checked my bike… kono jitensha wa kyo nen ni mitaka de kaimashita… i shouthed them louder… then i showed them bike registration.. oh.. oh.. wakarimashita.. hai.. 5 – 10 mnts later they released us and simply said “sumimasen”… without answering them… then we just leaved them.. no smile and not even looked back…

i was touched by “sumimasen” from the young japanese girl,.. but not this one…,

what i don’t like from that situation is that people all around looking at us… maybe they thought we’ve committed a crime…. i don’t mind being asked, interrogated or whatsoever.. as long as it’s quick and effective… especially when taking place in the public space…. 😦


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