changing my expectation

when just arrived here in tokyo and walked around in shinjuku, i was shocked when noticed that there were many homeless lying down their bodies on the street!!,… as i was expecting something perfect, something glamorous life…, never had in my mind i would meet such “social matter” which is so familiar in my hometown.. i couldn’t even scratch my head.. what’s on earth going on here…

it was a warm day, early autumn 2003, when i just walked straight on the corridor of “honkan”, then found myself in a queue of registration of something,… my first day on campus,… was worried coz i might not complete the registration b’coz of my broken japanese.. ;p.. i looked around.. hoping to find someone’s familiar with… demoo…none… then suddenly a person’s in charge calling my name… yogi san… please come here, have a sit,… please.. bla..bla..bla… eee… i was surprised with her fluent english… obviously better than my english.. ;p… this time i underestimated “nihon jin” for their poor english.. and later i found all japanese students there speak good english…

one thing i can learn from these is obviously clear, never underestimate somebody else,.. unless you are ready for an awkward … vice versa don’t expect something too much.. otherwise you’ll be ended with disappointing yourself…


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