pretzel oh pretzel…

from the beginning, my blog activity was intended to be an “international”. that’s why i keep blogging in english. but now i am thinking to write the blog in my native language, as lana encouraged me to write one or two stories in bahasa indonesia or even sundanese.

however i found myself difficult,.. have no idea what to begin with.. it seems easier than i thought, but when come into practise, it’s more than difficult… not that i think i speak english better,.. in fact i couldn’t improve the way i speak.. even i might crack you up… ha ha ha.. 😦 .. go on.. laugh at me…i deserve that anyway… ;(

anyway,. just to comment on the news, that people in yogyakata are mobilized to cook nasi kuning and sayur lodeh in order to avoid natural disaster, don’t believe it? read here, this is ridiculous.. again.. i couldn’t scratch my head… how come they still believe in such thing that doesn’t make any sense at all!!!.. why don’t they cook that food for me.. eventhough they do it on behalf of tradition… i still couldn’t get it…gomennasai… no offence guys…

okay… back to writing in non-english language.. while thinking what to write,.. i’d better have that delicious pretzel i bought from kyu-kyu, … uh ..oh.. it’s gone.. now there’s nothing left to munch.. huaaaa…. gotta get out… otherwise.. no pretzel.. no writing.. but it’s kinda late.. 10 pm already… i’ll see you tomorrow.. my pretzel!!


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