takusan mondai ga aru

i’ve been told by the seminar organizer in sapporo that the highest temperature on march during daytime may remain below zero!!!,.. that’s the highest… can you imagine the lowest one?!!… for the first time i will experience the lowest temperature in my lifetime.. dunno how i can survive… had they told me before, i would have changed my mind..he he he.. jyodan dake..

butt.. that’s not the only problem.. hokano mondai ga aru… at the same time i will be transfering to new apartment.. and that will take time too… hope i can make it on time…

i’ll be glad if any of you wish to help me moving out.. he he he.. wake up yogi.. nobody’s reading your blog.. even if some of you read this.. i don’t think you can help me either.. coz i know for sure.. that you guys are busy… as we are all up to our ears now… towards the last weeks of winter term… minna san.. ganbatte


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