tonight I have nothing to do (kata si Mr. Buckley, I ain’t got nuttin’ to do),.. sitting in front of my computer and googling something not important,.. as usual..:) .. leaving out my thesis writing.. & forget it for a while.. ;p… my fingers keep typing actively any kind of subjects on the screen, especially when opening friendster dialog, trying to catch old friends.. tired of finding no one, then I switched the browser to google (my favourite one) which suddenly my eyes catch something surprise me when I typed “unpad” on search box.. I read my name on the web of my previous university… can’t believe my eyes for a moment.. I am listed there.. on a short list made by unknown.. what a surprise.. somehow I miss the campus life there.. a time and place where hundreds of memories painted in my mind… especially when I met “HER” … ;p
have to be back to ms words page… I’ve got loads of stuff to do… huahhhhh…


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