hoodlums, ..ck..ck..ck…

this morning i read on the web that albert, younger brother of hercules, passed away last night, caused by severe injury wherein a bullet cannot be removed from his brain bone… interestingly sutiyoso, a governor, using this moment, pledged to clean up such hoodlums from entire city… yupp.. he declared war on hoodlums,.. i wonder why now? this is his 2nd period of being incumbent,.. had he got rid of them from the beginning.. it wouldn’t have been worst…, i suppose…. & i think it’s a new order legacy… a time when hoodlums enjoyed their golden period.. when violence was an effective tool to achieve certain goals…
anyway.. i salute the governor for his courage to clean up the city from such social matters… better late than never.. isn’t it.. hopefully central government has also a good will & political will to combat bigger-richer bad guys.. no need to mention who they are


One response to “hoodlums, ..ck..ck..ck…

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