hoodlums… part 2

just talked about hoodlums in jakarta.. my eyes catched another hoodlum on the news,.. well.. it’s kinda different one,… in line with fighting against corruption… it began with a survey conducted TII which ranked jakarta local government and customs office as the most corrupt institutions… this survey also becomes a hot discussion in several mailing list i joined… pros and contras appear as usual… and apparently officials from both “alleged” institutions respon differently.. first, the minister of finance simply said he doesn’t care as he believe that there are some improvements in governance.. probably he prefer to rely on official investigation.. rather than such a graft report.. in that sense i couldn’t blame him… anyway it’s all up to him.. public can value him and his department…
meanwhile, sutiyoso, gently admitted that jakarta might be one of the most corrupt institution as almost 70% of economic transactions taking place there… this time i have to give my 2nd respect to him… though combating corruption itself is tougher than you thought….


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