natto.. love it

what would be in your mind when somebody says natto? most of you probably think that this refers to treaty organization in north atlantic, the u.s allies n its konco-konconya.. or if you are an apathetic one .. you might say “no action t-talk only”… well.. if that’s the case… blogging activity would be one of them .. :(… okay.. let me go straight… this time you get me wrong.. i am talking about japanese food made of fragmented bean,.. according to japanese friend, this food is good for our health, all you need is simply to pour soy sauce and wasabi into the bean.. then it’s ready to eat.. what ’bout the taste?.. honto ni oishi desu yo… even when it’s your first time.. i can give you my words.. bcoz it’s different from other japanese foods… especially if you are familiar with “tempe” or any other fragmented foods.. so give it a try.. it’s as cheap as “hyaku yen dake” for 4 small boxes…

note (roughly translation) :
honto ni oishi desu yo : i swear to God.. it’s delicious
wasabi : can’t explain this exactly.. it’s a japanese spicy sauce
tempe : indonesian fragmented food, made of bean too
hyaku yen dake : one hundred yen only


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