his name is kawasima

i just realize that time flies so fast. it’s like i’ve been here just couple days ago, but then, today is my last day in sankei so, my old apartment, as i transfer to the new one. i’d been living there for almost 2 years, having nice-friendly neighbor, japanese couples living right next door whom i rarely talked with.
every morning when we meet, we just greet each other, saying like “ohayo – konnichiwa – konbanwa”, or a longer sentence like “ii tenki desu ne”, … 🙂 no more than that. so simple. one thing impresssed me from that couple is that they always keep smiling and try to show their japanese hospitality, eventhough we never talked each other,…
this afternoon i talked to him, not a usual greetings, just to say goodbye,.. i feel like i have to meet him, as he is the one who had been being disturbed during my stay there…, with my broken nihon go i told him.. kyo made watashi wa koko de sunde iru, owari desu, atarashi apato wa shin machi de aru, nihon de watashi wa kotoshi no roku gatsu made sunde iru, ato de kuni e kaeru,… he smiled and said… domo, domo, genki.. sabishi. etc.. and some words i couldn’t catch.. somehow i can feel he said take care,.. you are my friend,.. i’ll remember you.. something like that, i wish i understand all what he is saying… at the end he shaked my hand.. and said kyotsukette kudasai…
now i feel like i am going to miss kawasima family, as an old friend,.. see you again kawasima san.


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