namara lovely sapporo

i would say there’s nothing special within the course,.. in fact i was expecting apart from the course itself, guess what?!, yes.. it’s skiing.. hehehe.. even when the organizer asked the reason why i choose the course, with no hesitation i replied it’s the snow which brought me there.. hehehe.., anyway i love the seminar, it’s very organized,.. thanks to jica, jice and the plaza girls who were there for us… in general i had a very good time there..
the flight i took from tokyo was surprised me.. b’coz it’s a huge boeing 747… a quite big plane for a domestic flight.. however when going back from chitose.. i got smaller plane; airbus 300… after all i don’t like the flight anyway… still i think i am luckier than some friends of mine who took other seminar in obihiro which their flight was once postponed b’coz of snow storm on the air… chotto kowaii…
back to the story… we–the particpants–went to several public facilities funded mostly by central government to see how they serve and promote child welfare.. it was so good… everything seems running well… i wonder when my country would have such facilities… well the thing is.. they have enough fund to do so…when money talks. none can’t stop it.. hehehe
apart from the course and tight-visiting schedule.. the homestay program would be one of the best parts.. lucky me to have a kind, english speaking, and better-off host family.. they took me to their mountain house where i was amazed by the snow covering their first floor of the house!!!.. it’s almost up to 3 metres high.. that made us had to dig the snow before reaching its door!!!… what a hard work we’d done on that day…
one thing for sure that the snow there is totally different from the snow in niigata or somewhere else in honshu island.. it’s so called powder… when i tried skiing there in niseko–one of the most wellknown ski resort in hokkaido, i could feel that it’s so easy to control my ski board.. i felt like i was a ski pro… hehehe… if you guys have an opportunity to go there.. grab it.. n experience skiing there… it’s totally different from the ordinary one… read my lips… not to mention the scenery of the island which according to my sensei is more look like a scandinavian…
anyway.. you may see the pictures of mine when i was there.. enjoy.. n cheers


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