how Google™ are you? digital divide kah?

I got the 1st question originally from fajri’s blog. .. this actually reminds me to what i’ve read several years ago entitled the culture of kilowatt. the book shortly explains what they call civilization by kilowatt, that is one would be regarded as civilized when his/her life depends on their level of electricity consumption, the more consumption the more civilized…. silly isn’t it?..
nowadays we are living in fully digital life (detikcom kali),.. a bit different shape from kilowatt culture, but pretty much the same in a way of measuring civilization.. the term of “digital divide” may apply to those who–at least–never touched pc!!.. in that case.. poor my parents.. and even its subset like how often do we use google as search engine,.. and so on.. and so on.. though i am not an IT’er, thank God i still hv a pc, an internet connection in my apartment, and a gmail account… well that’s enough for me to survive… at least for a moment.. that i am still “google” enough… hehehe..


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