champions league: spain no gain?

feel strange?… the last 16 stage this year resulted in three european’s giants man utd, real and barca crashed out of the competition. interestingly, spain for the first time failed to put its club in the quarter final, what a news… if u look at these three, “los galacticos” which is no longer “galak” hehehe… barca yang sial, and inconsistent red devils… butt.. those make sense to me, n also fair enough lah.. since their opponents were also giants, who can deny the consistent milan, or “lucky” la vechia signora, and multi-billionaire chelsea… such clubs have what other clubs in entire world have been dreaming about.. e.g. skilled players, fantastic fans,.. plus pelatih bertangan dingin macam ancelloti, capello & si sombong mourinho (hmmm… eigo de nan daro) n especially unlimited funds… dunno when my hometown club have such resources.. okay yogi.. you may dream of it for a while.. but soon you have to wake up.. persib or even persigar is nothing… anyway… this year champions league is so strange… one thing for sure that.. no “spain” no gain is only for spaniards!!!… u got that?!!.. n this time i wish liverpool has a bit luck to go through–at least–final stage.. though should they knocked juve n then either blues or fc hollywood beforehand… ganbatte


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