hopefully he isn’t selling ketchup.. ;p

according to taufik efendi, minister of state apparatus empowerment (kira2 begitu kali ya terjemahannya), the government intended to standardize up to 110 kinds of public service,.. which unfortunately he didn’t mention these services in detail… this would include requirement, targeted finalization, as well as budgetting of each public service.. hmm.. padahal kali this is one of 100 days program of SBY’s presidency.. i suppose…,
menariknya.. so how was public service delivered beforehand? when der was no standard to follow.. that would be a big hole of where illegal payments, bribery or whatsoever pour down.. i wonder when this standardization is done.. would it help the govt to save more money from such cecunguk?.. one optimistism come from general directorate of tax which believe would be able to raise tax revenue by 200 until 300%.. isn’t it great?.. i hope he wasn’t selling ketchup at that time (read: jualan kecap.. ;p). for instance.. when we are about to apply for ktp.. then we don’t have to pay for sum unnecessary amount of rupiahs.. coz.. this is public service.. no matter how rich u r.. wherever u r.. either luxurious pondok indah or slum & smelly tanah abang.. u will have equal service… again.. isn’t it great???
moreover impressively..(well.. at least i am impressed)… the govt is about to develop what so-called e-govt, e-procurement, e-bidding & e-office…. bidangnya anak2 IT nih… hopefully they will start the program soon…
last but not least, the govt will develop what so-called integrated criminal justice system.. entah makhluk apa lagi nih.. i think this will integrate general attorney, court and hakeem agung kali ya into one roof… yah.. mirip-mirip samsat kali.. i suppose ML (read: master of law) from kyudai should have answered this…


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