things that I am mostly suffering from in japan

while waiting for some comments on my thesis from sensei.. trying to list down several things that made my life here so different from hometown, not that i think life here is terrible, it’s just bit uncomfortable… something that i am suffering from.. in which have never crossed my mind before.. let’s see how miserable and difficult my life is.. šŸ™‚

1. first thing first would be european football (read: soccer), particularly premiership, and uefa cl*.. gosh,.. these sport entertainments is probably the most expensive entertainment ever..since japanese love baseball more.. indeed they have nakata & nakamura in serie-a, okubo in bundesliga, and many other good players.. but those are not attractive enough to pull public’s attention, since matsui and ichiro do it better.. as a result, japanese tv prefer to broadcast baseball game almost every day.. hueekkkk…. in my country, football program is completely free, wherein you can watch any kind of league, anytime…

2. other one is that i have to rely my praying schedule completely on my pc.. now i am experiencing a truly digital life.. there’s no such live athan from mosque.. i am really missing this one.

3. what ’bout food.. umm.. this might be the good one since i gradually love the food, especially tempura and udon.. these foods are the best… although my stomach wouldn’t tolerate some others.., the thing is.. when japanese friends invite me to their party or dinner.. they usually serve me row food.. something that cannot be compromised by my metabolism organ… and worstly it’s difficult to refuse such food in front of them.. can u imagine how bad is that?.. šŸ™‚

4. when dealing with nihon-jin** who doesnt speak english at all.. it’s unpleasant.. honto ni… especially when i’m the one who need their help.. tasukete.. tasukete.. in such situation.. my broken japanese wont be helpful enough to coomunicate.. instead there would be kinda long n unsolved conversation… J-1 dakara.. nihon go wa ichiban muzukashi desukedo imi wa wakaranai.. on campus i can easily combine japanese and english as the students there are mostly bilingual..

hmm.. whatelse?.. butek deh
missed my life there…
to be continued.. kalo mood.. zzz..zzz..zzz

* champions league
** japanese person


2 responses to “things that I am mostly suffering from in japan

  1. >Just see the positive side from your miserable moment, at least you’re still in Japan, not in the North Pole !! Want to compare ? Entong lah, semuanya tergantung masalah penyesuaian (eta nu hese) meni menggurui pisan dan cliche, sorry!! Gretting from Cold Hollland

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