next schedule

nah,.. finally I had done my defense last thursday (tepatnya May 19). it took less than an hour to complete both the presentation and Q&A session. Prof. Takashi Nishio, Prof. Yoshimichi Someya, and Prof Masaru Nishio were the examiners on the d-day. i think i managed it well, hopefully the result is as good as my hope.. ;-).. otsukaresamadesu,

so what next? got email from Murakami san already, merely informing the departure schedule, or should I call it evacuation schedule.. hehehe.. so here’s the detail, including private schedules:

5/22 hajatan nasional di ajinomoto stadium.. ;->,.. go for it!!!, and attending Rackham’s party in the afternoon with Rotary fellows
5/24 altogether with Prof. Nishio, Ryura san (a friendly Ph.D student.. hehehe), and other JICA scholars having dinner together, sort of farewell party for us
5/28-30 Nagano field trip with Prof. Niitsu and Mishop members
6/16 Leaving apartment, move to City Hotel near Musashisakai Eki
6/30 Graduation day, can’t wait!!
7/1 or 7/4 Move to Shinjuku Washington Hotel, again?? moving to other hotel? tsk..tsk..tsk.. who’s gonna pay for this???
7/5 or 7/6 Courtesy Visit to the embassy, do i hv to do that????
7/7 Departure for hometown, can’t wait!!

what a hectic one,… not to mention the badminton schedule, that is twice a week,.. well maybe I am too exaggerating.. huh.. hehehe.. anyway am so happy that I am leaving soon.. 2 years isn’t that long as i thought before, is it? the time flies so fast.. ryt?


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