the d-day

woke up late in the morning.. i gotta hurry up catching up the bus taking me to the campus,.. uh oh.. the bro’s knocked on my door,.. hurried me up.. it’s 07.37 am already.. 2 minutes left for us to rush as fast as possible after the bus..
we’ve made it!!! tapiiiii… when i got in the bus.. i just realized that i’ve left my camera, handycam, and tie’s holder in my room… so stupid!!! baka!! ceroboh bener!!!! this is horrible.. a nightmare i’ve never been dreaming of.. on the very important day of my study period… i got nothing in my bag except gown… this must be the price i have to pay, after leaving sheila whom i promised her to go to campus together… not to mention that she’d be mad of me…
untungnya… selalu ada si untung.. maksudnya eddy & bagus were there with their cameras… my only hopes at that time.. this time they are my bro’s (langsung tandukan).. i did rely on their cameras.. honto ni arigatou bro.. you’ve saved my day.. and eventually i could manage all by “begging” everybody to take me one or two pics with their own cameras.. that’s what friend for is… hehehe.. “salamat po” to sheila to who didnt get mad of me.. to haidee for allowing me washing my clothes in her dorm.. to alicor and sanjar for being my friends.. i’m gonna miss you all..
thanks to Naomi san & Odaka san for being with me (us).. i won’t ever forget you two… it’s a pitty that shinotsuka san couldnt come.. i’ll miss them so much


2 responses to “the d-day

  1. >hey.. so sorry.. i didn’t do it on purpose.. yes you did call me when i had breakfast.. i was in hurry as you know.. thanks a lot.. see you in indonesiaaaa

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