business as usual

let me sing first… youuuu think that i am strong.. you’re wrong!!,..
life in jakarta is somehow tougher that i thought,.. going to workplace everyday with having no idea what to do.. just to sign in attendance list.. so.. being a civil servant here is to sign attendance list.. tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. no matter what you do.. reading newspaper, chatting, having a talk all day,… on the other hand we have to do our best withour any worth compensation or what-so-ever,.. keep complaining?? maybe you’re right.. but at this point i have to admitt that life in japan is much more better than here.. but don’t get me wrong.. ok.. i am not japan-minded… i am thinking of better life and better condition.. and better future.. and i have to start all these from here.. right here in jakarta, starting from little thing, starting from myself, and starting from now on… that’s aa gym’s popular words… hehehe..:x


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