jakarta.. oh.. jakarta

jakarta, a big city with many big problems… range from terrible public transportation, bad infrastucture, high crime, … social matters. i’d never imagined that i would’ve been living there. everyday i spend 2 hours on the street, on the way to workplace, breathing such polluted air, and trapped on daily-traffic jam…
that’s why most indonesians, especially jakartans are black (or should i say darker…:), not b’cos of their origins,.. but simply burned by the morning sun, combined with high-concentrated CO2 and CO… what a combination..
if you are talking about jakarta, you should include bogor, depok, tangerang and bekasi,.. b’coz from those areas,.. millions of people commute everyday (of course on the weekdays), creating such problems.. and unfortunately.. :X… i am one of them.. so i cant blame them.. i mean.. you cant blame them…
that’s why i have a dream,.. and i’ll keep dreaming on it.. that someday i have other opportunity to develop my career in somewhere else.. not in jakarta


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