Asia has been portrayed as the only region bubbled by economic miracle in today’s world. As a matter of fact, the success story belongs to only some part of Asia. Japan, for instance, has been acknowledged for a long time as an economic giant (second biggest economy in world behind US) since its bubble economy period in 1980s. Following countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has successfully imitated its economic development. Meanwhile the southern part of Asia is still struggling to achieve prosperity. Apart from Singapore, so far this region doesn’t show any impressive progress. Does it have something to do with democracy or too-fast globalization process? Then what makes these East Asian countries accomplished such great achievement? The answers vary, but most scholars believe that the key is developmental state concept. The concept is determined to influence the direction and pace of economic development by directly intervening in the development process, rather than relying on the uncoordinated influence of market forces to allocate economic resources. So basically it puts government in the central role of development process. The later question would be why South-east Asian countries can’t repeat what has been done in East Asia? The writer discovered some impediments that hinder the successful of development process. Surprisingly that one of these is the typical issue of bureaucracy.
Inilah abstrak dari tulis-tulisanku yang mau dimuat di jurnal Indonesian Public Administration Review. menarik gak ya? sepertinya membosankan,.. tapi emang itulah salah satu bidang kajian yang biasa digeluti di kantor, sebagai peneliti maupun sebagai dosen…. hmmmmmmmmm


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