innocent life, possible kah? i am just an ordinary

would it be possible for human being to live their life without doing any mistakes at all? some would say that only God and the angels who’ve never done any mistakes, meaning that those who are beyond that concept are not innocent. at least once in their life-time, ones must do mistake, no matter how small it is, even the prophets, the messengers of God aren’t free from such sin. thus, to me, basically we are sinners, you and i must have committed sins.
right now i found myself a sinner, doing something bad and breaking God’s law including social norms, ethics and any other norms. although this is not unforgiven, committing a sin intentionally is something unacceptable. regrettably i can’t stop what i am going through now. i can’t describe exactly here what kind of sin i’ve committed, but certainly it’s a sin.
back to God must be the answer, yet i am not ready to leave them all,… well.. to make it easy, i am neither an angel nor the prophet,.. as simple as that… i am just an ordinary man,.. fair enough?


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