riset dan grey area

New place gives new hope.. says who?… tempat kerja baruku (huhuhu) berkarakteristik pekerjaan yang berbeda dari sebelumnya.. namanya juga pusat kajian.. maka sebagian besar pekerjaan di situ berhubungan dengan kegiatan penelitian… in other words.. my daily life deals with research activities.. something that is not completely new.. but it’s a new environment though…
tema kajian untuk tahun ini yaitu sektor informal, partisipasi masyarakat dan korupsi… tema-tema ini (frankly speaking) sangat sulit di kaji relevansinya satu sama lain.. tapi dengan payung bernama pusat kajian administrasi internasional… nothing is impossible.. hehehe..I am not saying that I am critisizing this unit.. after all I am part of the team now… however if we think twice.. over and over.. trying to be honest to ourselves… there is something remains unsolved in this unit.. certainly it has nothing to do with the people there… nor the informal system…. the problem simply lies on what we call “core competences (cc)” of the unit… something that can not be defined.. even by insiders…
hhmmm.. let aside the “cc” alone.. the “riset” itself… errr… I bet it embodies some problems… according to Everrett M Roger (DoI, 2005), research can be divided into basic and applied research. First one is particularly done in laboratory of university for the sake of pure science, whereas the second one is usually done in commercial industries, simply to produce innovative products to marketize…
Nah.. apakah riset di sini termasuk dalam salah satu kelompok tersebut… well.. there is no certain answer… the only right answer would be that we’re happy to live in “grey area”. then what is grey area?… err… let me think of it for a while… talk to u later… ciao


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