what’s new in new year?

beberapa bulan ini rasanya malessss sekali ngepost di blog ini… malah post terakhir sekitar bulan maret,.. that’s almost one year yogi!!!,
bosenan lah intinya mah, but… surely it has nothing to do with my social life, know what? in fact, i have a good news, coz last week i was texted by someone I didnt recognize (he/she texted me to my old number), telling me to join a mailing list group. what a surprise, my old-old classmates in Unpad, err… about 15 yeras ago… (can u imagine that?)
well.. not exactly 15 years, b’coz officially we’d been graduated around 1998-1999, that means we’ve not been in touch for more than 10 years.. quite long huh…
I may not say hello to everybody in that milist,.. still I can recall all of them… although not their full names,.. at least their faces lah… i wonder how they look like… hehehe
another good news coming from abroad.. Ida + Rochus and (of course) their little baby, sanne will come to Indonesia, to meet her nice uncle here.. hehehe… that’s a good news.. right?
tah,. nu sesah mah perkawis milarian sponsor kanggo sakola deui.. i tried to contact my professor.. but wondering why he hasnt replied me.., in this case.. guys.. do wish me luck… please.. ari usaha jeung dua mah tos dilakonan… kantun nasibna.. hehehe


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