Living in a place where most people live in

So where is the place? Would it be heaven, as our preacher always tell us to believe in? No.. no. no.. that’s not the place I meant…
What I mean here is something that people don’t really like it, but at the same time they take advantage from it,.. yes.. it’s a grey area, a place where likely most people to live in. They usually feel comfortable by being grey, neither black nor white. Well, to me, being grey is nearly becoming hypocrite.
In line with that, some people keep telling me to be honest, not to spread lies,.. and of course don’t be hypocrite… well I did my utmost… to be a good person.. people make mistake.. so do I.. (it’s not an excuse though).. I deserve what I did in the past.. and I’m fixing it.. to me what happen in the past is something to be learned.. it’s a learning of life.. then I’ll just get over it..
Those who has been hurt both intentionally and unintentionally.. please do accept my apologize.. no matter where you are..
I just want the best for my family,.. I’ll keep that promise.. and trying to stay away from that grey area… a place where most people belong to..


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