The globalization of world economy and politics has more and less changed the existence of the state and its conventional roles. While the traditional definition of the state refers to the Westphalian understanding of sovereign of the state and non-interference from external force into domestic affairs, which led to the understanding of the centrality of the state and its sovereignty in governing the country, the new world order has been appearing in most cases. By entering globalization, we are increasingly witnessing the appearance of the new world order which is putting the state as only one of many actors of governance. This also implies the need to change and/or to adjust the role of the state in this situation, by giving more spaces to other increasing numbers of actors in governance.

The term ‘governance’ in both theory and practice is actually not a brand new concept. It has been continuing blurred with the presence of and mixture roles of state, market, government, society and international actors. Even the distinct roles among those actors are yet to be agreed and almost will never be. It has been a long debate among mostly social, political and economic scholars for more than decades.

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