A stereotyped world

Once I came across a video on Youtube telling me about stereotyping Australian, and what surprised me most, and I’ve never had any idea before were, that Australian was stereotyped “dumb”, “drunk”, and “racist”, those that never appear to my, at least, Australian friends I met somewhere else outside Australia. In fact I’ve never been in Australia, not even in a transit. The only amazed me about Australia (from internet so to speak), is probably the Opera Sydney house, where some of my friends arrogantly uploaded their pictures with it on social media. But recently I am a fan of reality show called “Australian border security” where the immigration officers have their stories told on TV/internet. Apart from those, I don’t give a crap.. 🙂

Let’s forget about this Oz stuff, I surfed the other typical stereotyping perspective on internet, and found many interesting facts, particularly when it comes to my homecountry, Indonesia, which is mostly stereotyped in similar way to those of other Asian countries. There are some exceptions, when the perspective comes from other nations, or particular individual. Hope you enjoyed what I have found.


Screenshot of the video

Look what Australian think about Indonesia, and apparently they put “nasi goreng” in the first place. It’s a rather “civilized” anyway if you compare to what they think about other regions, e.g. Middle East and Africa which are quite harsh to me, war and famine? c’mon there must be something better and nice about them….


This is what Americans think about us


Now, look what’s American think about us. Obama is a very quick eye-catching word, isn’t it, and it is exactly the word that explains Indonesia to common American’s minds. What about their own homeland? they said it’s awesome.. soo predictable, nothing else in this world would as awesome as them… they thought!!


Something unthinkable, but nice


I found this picture from a web, and I didn’t read through the story, but the picture is actually interesting and talking itself. I like this one, not because my country is perceived a nice place for honeymoon, but the way they illustrate is so catchy, well done for a stereotyping job


Alcoholic have a say


Frankly speaking, this is the worst stereotyping set I came across, not only because the drunk people have no brain (uppsss), but also the way the draw the map is so ugly, I would say…, but to be fair with them (the drunk), I think these stereotyping words are pretty much picturing the reality of some parts of this world.. too bad huh


This is a kind of stereotyping by the ignorant, where they see the world from a very small window and narrow minded, steered by mainstream media, and never read a single book but drink alcoholic stuff.., everything is only for fun when you’re drunk, right guys?

Anyway, if you found your country stereotyped, my advice is, don’t take it seriously, nothing serious about it. There are a lot more pictures actually, but I don’t wanna comment on them, you can also find them easily on google. Those pictures’ copyrights belong to the original owner.. not me. I don’t make any money from those, just wanna share for fun 🙂



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